In gymnastics your child has the chance to learn cool moves, improve their flexibility and strength and have fun at the same time! The children have fun learning new skills that they can show their friends whilst learning to practice gymnastics safely.

Once children reach a certain standard they can learn flips and mini tramp. It’s a lot of FUN !

Time Class Fee Location
Saturday 08:40 - 09:25 Gymnastics (Age 4 - 8) - Beginners SEK

1021 Budapest, Alsóvölgy u. 24-26.

14:30 - 15:30 Gymnastics (Age 8+)
14:50 - 15:30 * Gymnastics
Fees are prorated if you join mid-year.
Fees due on August 26th (First Payment) and January 6th (Second Payment).
* Only open to Musical Theatre children.