Why DCA?

At Dance Craze Academy we nurture the children’s enthusiasm and passion. In dance, drama and singing children will grow in confidence, have improved memory skills, greater flexibility, grace, spacial awareness and be treated like a star!

It’s about reaching their full potential and being a part of a team. Anyone can join regardless of natural ability. We will have your child feeling special in no time!

We keep up to date with current practice to prevent injury. Many traditional dance exercises have been proven not to be safe for growing bodies or for the beginner. We choose the programme very carefully and put safty first.

The body learns by repetition which we hide in fun dance routines and imaginative imagery whilst doing exercises. The working towards exams and the end of year show makes the children try hard to succeed and impress. We use positive feed back and learn to work as a team to achieve.

Dance is a process, not an overnight event. We keep our classes challenging to students while not rushing the process that may cause bad technique and injury. Highly enjoyable and fun is a number one rule!

Movements, music and costumes should match the ages of our dancers. We try and keep our dancers as young for as long as we can, and strive for a very tasteful family atmosphere.

We feel very much like a family and love being together, sharing passions, growing together, problems in all. Learning to dance is just one part of DCA!

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