Acrobatic Dance

In class we work on motor coordination, strength, balance, flexibility and beginner acro/gymnastic skills. Children become stronger, more flexible and will develop confidence and self-esteem in a fun, safe, enthusiastic atmosphere. 

Join now, improve your strength and

flexibility and be ready for when we go back

to the studio!

Benefits of dancing/acro on-line

Social isolation can be tough, especially when you love dance. The boys and girls really look forward to meeting us all each week. It might not be face-to-face but it really does give a sense of normality and community. Dancing and acro releases stress, and is so good for the body and mind. Why give up on the things your child loves to do? By the time we are back in the studio your child will have learned new skills, feel confident and will be unafraid of joining a regular live class again.

Which Class would my child be in?

Saturday Acrobatic Dance

15.20 – 16.00

Our acrobatic dance classes are designed so every student may excel to their fullest potential in a non-competitive way.  Your child is learning skills and fitness habits for a lifetime.

As they develop we can work more on strength, flexibility, balance, confidence and self-esteem in a fun, safe environment.  Acrobatic elements, dance and music is intertwined to make a really cool class.

These lessons will allow boys and girls to enjoy the physical fitness in an enthusiastic atmosphere.

Request a call back to make sure this is the right class for you or sign-up here!

Safe Stretching and Strengthening

Your child’s body is precious, and we look after it! Over-stretching, stretching too young or too soon is dangerous! The key is to train all muscles equally and give the right exercises at the right time. It is very important to train muscle memory, and our exciting exercises using props will aid core strength, weight placement, alignment of the body and stretch and strengthen. Those children who condition their bodies reach their full potential in dance and acro, mastering the correct techniques helps injury prevention. We use safe methodology so your child can enjoy dance for the rest of their lives! 


Saturday 15.20 – 16.00 Acrobtic Dance


What to wear?

DCA Uniform or black T-shirt and leggings. Long hair to be worn up.

Term Dates

 January 10th – February 27th


16 800 HUF / Course