Cookie Policy

Usage of cookies on the website

The user’s permission is needed for using and storing cookies on the user’s computer or other devices. Below we provide further information about what cookies this website uses and what their purpose is.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small data files containing only letters and numbers and are placed by the web browser on the user’s computer or other internet capable device when visiting websites. These information packages are used in the communication between the web servers and the user’s web browser. The main objective of cookies is to improve your user experience while surfing the pages of websites and to help websites make your next visit easier.

Types of cookies:

In general there are two types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. The session cookies are activated only for the time of surfing the web and are deleted from the user’s computer after closing the web browser window. The persistent cookies are always activated when the user opens a website containing cookies and are stored on the user’s computer or device for the time that is set in the cookie’s parameter settings (or until the manual deletion by the user).

Cookies used on this website:

  • Cookie’s name: PHPSESSID

    Cookie’s description: This cookie is a reference to a unique session ID set by our website code for a current browsing session.

    Cookie’s expiration: When closing the web browser window


  • Cookie’s name: cookie_notice_accepted

    Cookie’s description: It stores the information whether the user accepted the cookie policy or not.

    Cookie’s expiration: 1 month


  • Cookie’s name: pll_language

    Cookie’s description: It’s required for the functioning of the language chooser plugin the website uses.

    Cookie’s expiration: 1 year


How do we ask the user’s permission?

We inform users that our website is using cookies when they first visit with an information box appearing at the bottom of the page. By further usage of the website and by clicking the „Accept Cookies” button the user gives permission for using cookies. In case the user is not accepting the policy, parts of the website may not function properly.

Checking / disabling / deleting of cookies

Most web browser’s default setting is to accept cookies automatically, but these settings almost always can be modified. In general it is possible in the „Settings” menu of the web browser. Here you can change the settings of the cookies, you can check or delete them. Although it is important to know that changing the settings of cookies may interfere with functions of the website.

The below links can help you with the cookie settings of different web browsers:

Further information about cookies: