Terms & Conditions

1. Costumes can be available for sizing prior to hire if time allows. Remember that lycra has a lot of give so is quite forgiving when a student is ‘between sizes’.

2. A Security Deposit of 100% of the total order value is required when placing your order. This will be refunded when all costumes have been returned in their original condition.

3. The cost to repair or replace any damaged or missing costumes will be deducted from the 100% Security Deposit. If the deposit does not cover the cost, the hirer will be charged the balance.

4. The hirer agrees to pay for the item in the case of lost or destroyed costumes.

5. The full order value must be paid on or before pick up.

6. The hire period is by arrangement, depending on requirements such as photo days, dress rehearsals, etc. Late return will result in an additional charge of 1500 Ft per costume for each day late.

7. Because we understand that within each size range there will always be a variety of body shapes, minor alterations to seams and lengths are permitted but these must be removed before the return of the costumes. Name tags must also be removed.

8. The hirer will be charged extra for special or additional orders, depending on cost of fabric and time that may be taken to find and purchase the necessary fabric and haberdashery items.

9. We understand the specific cleaning requirements of a particular costume so request that costumes are not to be cleaned by the hirer.

10. By making a payment and/or signing the Hire Agreement, the hirer agrees to these conditions.