This is a provisional calendar. Please check with us beforehand.

If you attend a weekly class please follow the calendar of the school your class is being held at.

Payment due August and January

August - 2017
Saturday 26th Trial Class / Uniform Orders
Pay Day
(First Payment)
September - 2017
Saturday 30th Exam sign-up
Party sign-up
Half term activities sign-up
October - 2017
Saturday 21st Long Weekend - No Class
November - 2017
Saturday 11th Halloween / Guy Fawkes Party
December - 2017
Saturday 9th Last Class 2017
Saturday 16th DCA Christmas Special
January - 2018
Saturday 6th First Class 2018
Pay Day
(Second Payment)
Saturday 13th Extra Pay Day
(Second Payment)
February - 2018
Saturday 3rd Carnival Party
Saturday 10th Exam Session
(Rosettes & Star Dances held during regular class)
March - 2018
Saturday 17th Long Weekend - No Class
Saturday 31st Easter Weekend - No Class
April - 2018
Sunday 22nd Extra Show Rehearsal
May - 2018
Saturday 5th Show Rehearsal
Compulsory Rehearsal at the Theatre
Sunday 6th Show
Saturday 12th Last Class / Award giving
Saturday 26th Summer Classes
Pay as you go
June - 2018
Saturday 2nd - 23rd Summer Classes
Pay as you go
25th - 29th Summer Camp
2017 / 2018
3.30 - 6.00
Surprise special sessions to be announced
(sleepovers, parties)