Dance Craze Academy Camp 2018

Monday 25th June – Friday 29th June

When the summer comes you want to treat your child to great fun and amazing entertainment, but with a life learning element and a memory that lasts forever.

Children learn and develop physically and creatively, gain a lot of personal attention, work with highly qualified staff, enjoy plenty of fresh air and exercise, and have tremendous fun whilst developing their passions!

Every camp we do is specially thought about, unique and customised to the children that sign-up. That’s why we believe every camp is a mega hit!

It’s a simplistic, safe environment in a scenic village near to the Velence Lake with lots of open space, and a sense of freedom that children cannot experience in Budapest.

We Work together to put on a fully costumed show, and perform on the village stage! Children make up their own dances with our help which are held in newly built mirrored dance studios.

Children love to go in our costume room with over 1000 outfits! Children design and make promotional materials for the show, and are fully included in deciding the content for their show: costumes, props, hair, scenery and make-up.

We encourage the children to bring their bikes to ride forwards and backwards from the house to the studios/stage.

Advanced riders will enjoy our adventure bike ride. Learner riders can practice in the camp grounds. All enjoy jumping in the pool or on the giant trampoline, water fights, treasure hunts and games on their return.

Depending on the interest of the children we often do arts and crafts or go off on a hike or a pic-nic. We tune into the children’s needs ensuring there is non-stop creative fun. We throw in a ‘party craze’ party here and there!

Healthy meals and non-stop healthy snacks, gluten-free and special diets catered for. Dance and healthy eating come together and this we highly stress on camp. Any special treats such as ice cream or lolly-pops will be made from freshly squeezed fruit and natural yogurt! Lunch time is a special time where we all catch up and enjoy eating together outside under the huge willow tree or the local themed restaurant.

Thursday Night Sleepover

This event is the highlight of the week – it’s our fashion walk party! The girls choose 4 costumes each in different categories (for example wedding, funky, posh and crazy). We prepare the catwalk and they come down in groups or singles in front of the judges. They have a lot of fun setting up as alongside choosing costumes. They prepare the cocktail party of healthy cocktails, ice cream and snacks. They have play money and go around buying and selling in their booths all decorated for the occasion!

Transportation Details

Only a 40 minute ride into the village. Children love chatting with their friends, watching DVD’s and playing games.

Pick-up: 9.00 am at Happy Kids H-1124 Budapest, Fodor u. 36. (or near-by depending on situation)

Drop-off: 17.00 pm traffic pending (If the bus will be later than 10 minutes you will receive a text message)

If you need pick-up or drop off from your house then the cost will be 3 000 Ft per day.

Registration and Payment

70 000 Ft (before April 1st) 75 000 Ft (after April 1st)

Price includes all transportation from Budapest and whilst on camp, all snacks and meals and all materials and tuition.

35 000 Ft non-refundable deposit (before April 1st) 40 000 Ft (after April 1st) to save your place, and the remainder to be paid on the first day of camp.

Registration Form