Exams and Tests at DCA

Have you ever seen our DCA children do exams? Their faces light up and they become so proud of themselves. What else happens? Their confidence is boosted and they are motivated to try even harder than before.

The examiner will fly from the UK, representing the International Dance Teachers’ Association (IDTA, http://idta.co.uk) to spend the day examining our pupils on February 9th 2019. It is an official examination session.

Rosettes & Star dance awards for those who come for fun

Children of age 3+ can collect Rosettes and those of age 8+ can collect Star Dance Awards.

There are 12 to collect (2 in each category) in ballet, modern/jazz, gym dance, national, tap and theatre craft.

Children can enter for a maximum of three exams in one examination session costing HUF 7 000 per exam and HUF 2 000 for the Star board or Rosette banner.

These exams show a level of achievement. The emphasis is on performance and confidence (not technique). All children can achieve who attend one lesson a week.

Just-as-much-fun grades for the more serious dancer

If you are serious about dance, this is definitely the route to take. Your child will need a plan of study and some extra private lessons and will learn lots of exercises and dance pieces which she/he will need to perform in front of the examiner. Each grade gives credits. There are also two exams that are not accredited that can be taken before hand as a preparation called Prep and Primary. Exams start at 11 000 Ft each.

The following IDTA graded and vocational graded qualifications are recognised by the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator (Ofqual) and the Welsh Government Department for Children, Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills (DCELLS) and appear on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF).

Graded qualifications offered at DCA: Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz, Theatre Craft, and Freestyle

Grade QCF Level QCF Award / Certificate / Diploma QCF Credits
1 1 Award 7
2 1 Award 7
3 1 Award 7
4 2 Award 10
5 2 Award 10
6 (ballet only) 3 Certificate 13

Attainment bands for all the above examinations are: Unsuccessful, Pass, Merit and Distinction.

Why doing dance exams with DCA are really worth it

All good dance schools are linked with a dance examination board and follow a dance exam syllabus. Dance Craze Academy uses the International Dance Teachers’ Association, the largest in the world and internationally recognised.

The syllabus is created by the dance board, which ensures the work to be taught is safe for growing bodies, exciting and up to date. You can work your way up to teacher status by taking the grades or take the rosettes and star dances for life skills.

When time comes for exams, we only put the child in if we are certain they are ready. DCA have a 100 % pass rate with most obtaining outstanding marks.

We offer both kinds of exams at DCA. All DCA dance teachers are qualified and trained and regularly updating their knowledge to ensure we are able to pass on these techniques to your child.

Although as parents you may think it’s stressful, the children actually find it very exciting, they are only doing what they have practiced every week, all year, in class.

Why exams at DCA are beneficial

• The younger the children are to start doing exams, the better they become at handling any pressure, and preparing themselves, and less likely to get nervous than those starting at a later age. You can sign-up from the age of 3.

• Class is so much more interesting when children know they are working towards an exam.

• IDTA examiners are kind, bringing out the best in your child. The children love the experience, and always want to do it again. A very positive attitude to exam taking is installed into your child.

• Taking an exam and passing (which they all do at DCA!) gives the student a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction in knowing they are improving each year. It also gives them a certificate to show for all their hard work.

• As your child gets older and they apply for jobs or further education they can include these dance exams on their CV. This will have a great effect of showing their commitment and seriousness to an extracurricular subject, which is always considered as much as school subjects and can help give the edge over applicants.

When do I sign up? No later than 30th September

How much does it cost? HUF 7 000 per Rosette or Star Dance (3 exams max in one session) from HUF 11 000 per grade exam

* There is no refund if you pull out of the exam.