We keep our classes challenging to students while not rushing the process that may cause bad technique and injury. Highly enjoyable and fun is a number one rule!

Dance Classes in English

1 – 3 year olds

Action Tots Age 18 months - 3 years

If your toddler is bouncing up and down when he/she hears music then your child will love this class!  A fun class full of exciting props, stories, dancing games, songs and mime. They will grow in confidence, develop musically and physically whilst having fun.  A lovely class for child and carer to bond together.

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3 – 6 year olds

Combo Class - Saturdays 16:00 - 17:00 Age 2,5 - 5

Children will experience the spotlight, pure magic of dancing and performing; they will love the challenge and variety of learning many steps and techniques taken from tap, ballet, freestyle, theatre craft, modern, national and so much more. Drama and singing add to the fun and confidence needed to perform. We keep standards high, but we keep the fun even higher!  

For those children who can’t get enough of performing you can add Ballet and/or Drama/Musical Theatre

Once Upon a Ballet - Fridays 17:00 - 17:45 Age 3 - 6
Captivating music, exercises and dance routines that all children will love!
First steps of ballet are taught through imagery, storytelling, adorable music and the use of magical props; wands, crowns, scarves, stars and much more!
The syllabi we use will develop children’s physical skills, stamina, creativity, expression, musicality and are safe for growing bodies. It’s age appropriate, and a lot of fun!
This course is a perfect introduction to dance and performing.


7 – 13 year olds

Combo Class - Saturdays 09:00 - 12:00 Age 7 - 9 and 10 - 13

In our Combo Class children learn lots of exciting dance styles, including English tap dance which doesn’t exist in Hungary! Through dance training exercises children will become more coordinated, flexible, strong and energetic. They build good basic techniques.  You will see improved posture and confidence.

Our classes are full of magic and creativity, but at the same time disciplined and professional. Children can come for pure fun and fitness , but equally they can attend extra classes and be well prepared for international exams and comps.

Your child will adore all the different dance choreographies (especially the costumes and props!).   Your child will shine in our end of year show!  We add a little drama in, creative dance and singing as this enhances confidence, teamwork and performance skills.

If your child loves performing arts you might want to stay on for Acro & Dance or the Full Day of Performing Arts class which includes drama. In both cases there is a supervised 30 minutes lunch break.

Dance in English, Drama in English or both . The choice is yours! Not sure? Book a TRIAL CLASS. If you are sure and would like to join us , you can save your place HERE

Acro & Dance - Saturdays 12:00 - 13:30 Age 4+; 12:30 - 13:30 Age 10 - 13

Your child will learn fun steps and exciting dance routines to their favourite pop music.  Children will develop musicality and creativity.  It is a fun class for energetic children with boundless energy.

Pre-acro exercises are taught for strength, flexibility and technique .  We  develop and teach  acro skills like rollovers, handstands, cartwheels and bridges.  Children continually develop at their own pace. Be warned this section of the class is addictive!

This class is great as an add on to the drama class in English or as a stand alone.

Other classes your child might like include Combo Dance. If your child loves everything about performing arts then you might like to try our Full Day of Performing Arts class which of course includes Acro and Dance!

Not sure? Then why not book a TRIAL CLASS

Full Day of Performing Arts Saturdays 09:00 - 15:00 Age 7 - 9 and 10 - 13

The excitement is electric as the children love to experience all of the areas of performing arts. They learn all dance styles (including british tap dance unique to Hungary!), acro, body conditioning, drama,  acting  and musical theatre. They are so proud of themselves, as they are fully prepared for all their performing opportunities. They learn teamwork and what it takes to put on a show.  Children work at their own speed and level and reach their full potential in a fun and loving environment!

Ballet & Dance

Ballet is graceful and the base of all other dance techniques . We use captivating music, exercises and dance routines that all children will love. The syllabi we use will develop your child ‘all round’ and is safe for growing bodies. The techniques we use are age and ability appropriate to protect growing bodies.

First steps of ballet are taught through imagery, storytelling, adorable music and the use of magical props; wands, crowns, scarves, stars and much more. As the children progress they will love the creativity of the syllabi and can work towards internationally recognised exams.

Ballet will enhance your performance in other dance styles. If your child loves performing arts you might want to also explore acro/dance , combo drama. 

Dance in English, Drama in English or both. The choice is yours! Not sure? Book a trial class HERE. If you are sure and would like to join us, you can save your place HERE.

Age 14 +

Teen Ballet and Dance

We have a teen ballet/dance class every week at intermediate IDTA level. Your teen can come for fun, exercise and friendships or can work towards the internationally recognised exams. There are opportunities to perform, enter for competitions or study to become a dance teacher assistant.

Sadly by the age of 14 most teens have given up dance. We want to carry on supporting those few that are longing to stay in the world of performing arts or who have just discovered it! We offer small group and private classes working on the student(s) personal goals.

Please give Sandra a call on +36309198417 to discuss your teen’s needs.

Private Lessons

One-on-one attention or create your own personal group!


  • Choose your style, who will be in the group and where the lessons will be
  • We can choreograph wedding dances, a dance for special occasions, or an act for a school talent contest
  • Training for exams, competitions or for pure fun and fitness


‘You don’t stop dancing

because you grow old.

You grow old

because you stop dancing.’

Adult Classes

A real fun class for everyone who loves movement! Liste to your favourite songs, keep fit and stay in shape.

We offer a mixture that will keep you coming back for more. Cardio warm-up and shape up work out, pilates, ballet exercises, stretching followed by some fun, various style dance routines and cool down.


Being part of  DCA this year has been one of the nicest parts of my daughter's year. The classes strike the perfect balance of being fast-paced enough to keep the children's attention, but slow enough that they learn a lot of dances in just a matter of weeks. As a result, I have seen my daughter bloom into a little girl with increased confidence and physical coordination. DCA gives her a way to take part in the allure of pop music and dance trends in a completely age-appropriate way. I wish there were classes for adults!   

Allaine Cerwonka (Mother of 8 year old who attends combo class)


What started out as a two hour Saturday morning dance program for our daughter has turned into a 7 hours performing art spectacle for both of our kids on a weekly basis. Every Saturday and Sunday our kids can't wait for their dance and drama classes to begin. 


Our kids made friends there and so did we.  DCA is so much more than just an English language dance school. Their dance and theater showcases are planned and executed with so much attention to detail, followed by a cinema party where the kids can watch themselves perform. 


Chris Lahl (father of two children age 7 and 9 who attend all weekend classes)


Sunny Ruoqi joined DCA in the late autumn of 2019.  Her learning journey with DCA is very pleasant, inspiring, and rewarding. Among all other dancing courses like theatre dance and street dance, Sunny focuses on ballet, the more classical, comprehensive and demanding type. 

AT the very beginning, she danced once a week. And later as she registered for the IDTA examination, she started to have lessons twice a week, one for learning and practice on the basis of a progressive syllabus, and the other is a special module for examination. Under systematic and insistent training with Ms. Susie and Ms. Sandra, She achieved “Distinction” in the Preparatory level exam, her first exam of IDTA at the age of 7 in the early of 2020. After that, she continued learning almost nonstop till now. 

In the spring of 2020 when Hungary was facing the first wave of pandemic Covid-19, DCA offered online lessons and Sunny attended the majority of the ballet lessons, keeping the frequency of once or twice per week.  The lessons offered by DCA are with good methodology to meet professional requirements of development on the one hand, and on the other, it is appealing in Ms Susie’s artistic delivering. The tempo of each lesson is not harsh and intense but effective and efficient. Sunny enjoys the free dancing part best. She also enjoys greatly all the music that Ms. Susie uses in the class.

Cathy Bo Wu (Mother of 9 year old child who attends ballet classes)


We first joined DCA  when our daughter was 4.  She has just turned 12 and every week she continues to enjoy dance and drama with DCA.  Sandra, Susie and all the teachers provide an amazingly supportive, safe and fun environment for kids to learn and develop their skills, staying active and building confidence.  Fantastic costumes and the year end shows are  always a highlight for the kids.  From extra parties, acrogym and summer camps I think we have tried almost everything.  

Sandra is always seeking feedback and ideas for staying relevant which has been particularly important over the last 12 months with classes going online.

We have made some amazing friendships and will always have fond memories of our daughter growing up with DCA.

Maria Williams (Mother of 12 year old who attends performing arts full day)