Once Upon a Ballet

Learn ballet through fairy tales

For boys and girls

Ages 3-5 and 5-7 yrs

There is nothing better than watching your child

 twirl around with a big smile on their face.


1 x 30 minute session is perfect!

Stay connected to our magical world and stay

physically and mentally healthy. You can be

comforted that your child is in the best of hands.


If in doubt request a free 20 minute

one-to-one session and chat before deciding.

Course Introduction

We capture our students’ imagination!

A world filled with stories, magic and make-believe: a fully

interactive LIVE online class.  No more than 8 children for

maximum attention. Your child will learn with qualified,

experienced professionals who love and understand the

magic that little ones need to enable them to develop and

have fun at the same time.

Learning through fairy tales the children will  be happy, confident and inspired. They’ll enjoy learning and look forward to dance class from one week to the next. They’ll even pay better attention!

At the end of the course your little one will be more confident and have had an amazing introduction to ballet. They will have the confidence to join our DCA live lessons and even perform in one of our mini-shows! 

Why join a DCA class?

Everyone’s a star at DCA

  • Over 20 years inspiring children 
  • Qualified and experienced  teachers in early learning and dance
  • Teachers who love what they do , and teach with passion
  • Continual professional development
  • Family run 
  • Something for everyone
  • Update and Current
  • Safe and correct techniques are taught to aid development 
  • Fun and imaginative to keep little ones engaged
  • Something for everyone – move up the school for fun and fitness or join our serious dance programmes 
  • Every child is given personal attention –  ‘Everyone’s A Star At DCA’

Course details


  • Monday 16.30 – 17.00


  • Thursday 16.30 – 17.00

    Pay for your first class by

    bank transfer to save your


    If your first class

    goes well, and you would

    like to reserve your spot

    then the rest of the

    session needs to be paid

    for after the class.

Course details


A big smile 🙂
Your ballet uniform/dance wear

Ballet shoes

Long hair to be worn up

Course details


First session payment: 

1500 Ft Thursday
1500 Ft Monday
3000 Ft Monday and Thursday