Age 3 – 6

Each age has very special requirements and our activities have been tried and tested so well that we will pitch the party perfectly to the age group!

Younger children from 3 – 6 yrs need lots of props and exciting activities that are easy, magical and just pure fun!

In all cases your child will be the star of their party!

We’ll get creative and make it happen.

Never Land

For boys and girls that won't grow up.

This exhilarating party is one big adventure where children will visit Never Land to walk the plank, swim with the mermaids, party with the pirates, hide from the Indians, steer the boat, dodge the crocodiles, hunt for the treasure and fly home with a pinch of fairy dust. Of course they can't do any of this without the birthday child being the centre of attention, showing her guest the way! Fantastically appropriate costumes to match too!

Your theme could also be Fairy, Mermaid or Pirate.

Traditional English Birthday Party

Enjoy the traditional English ways of celebrating a birthday party!

We do lots of exciting drama games and traditional games to keep everyone in fits of giggles. Have fun playing musical statues and balloon drop, dance your sock off with your friends. Perfect for children who do not desire a theme party, just would like play.

Costumes, props and fun …. what a great way to party!


For girls that want to wear a crown for the day.

When it comes to princesses, seeing is believing! Our princesses wear only the best dresses with beautiful tiaras. King outfits for the boy guests! Elegant, graceful dancing and games with props to match, and a visit to make believe lands to meet all the Disney princesses: A ride on Aladdin's carpet, Ariel's treasures under the sea and a dance in Belle's Castle.

Your theme could also be Disney, Minni Mouse or Ballet.


Fun under the big top.

A circus party is great fun as we will do tricks with the Juggling balls, devil sticks, spinning plates, pois, ribbons, dance and balancing and play fun, hilarious circus party games including our famous circus obstacle race and some calming games such as ‘sleeping clowns’ before saying good-bye to the circus.

You could add gymnastics and/or tumbling. Come and learn somersaults to add to the fun!