Here are a few real parties where we turned a special day into a magical one!

Remember, if you have an idea and can't find it, tell us and we'll create it!

We LOVE DCA parties! The children (girls and boys) can dress up, dance, play and many more fun things while the parents can have a chat and relax. Your teachers are very professional and cheerful! Both parties we have had were a great success.'

- Sandra & Karsten Ruth

'It has been a pleasure working with Sandra Knibbs. She is extremely professional and friendly and genuinely did whatever she could to ensure that we were satisfied and happy with her service. Sandra took time to visit us with a range of costumes that she thought might be suitable and the costumes we rented were high quality and looked fantastic, in addition, the children really enjoyed wearing something different to usual. Arranging costumes is usually a time consuming part of productions, but Sandra removed all this stress!
In addition to the costumes, Sandra also organized of her Dance teachers to choreograph several musical numbers for our production. Emily was enthusiastic and fun; she motivated the students well and they quickly learnt the routines. In a very short time even reluctant students were dancing happily. The final routines were perfect for our needs.
Both Sandra and Emily were exceptionally keen to please and immediately took on board any suggestions that I had. They made the vision that I had in my head materialise!
I have been delighted with all aspects of Sandra’s involvement in our production and I would not hesitate to use her services again, furthermore; I would highly recommend her to others.'

- Katie Benson

'Party Craze also do lots of big events as well: The Halloween party was non stop crafts, dressing-up and games such as, the mummy wrap, a relay race, apple bobbing, disco, not to mention the dance moves taught to the time warp and other spooky Halloween songs! Non stop fun with something for every child!'

- Bela Györgyi

'Everything was perfect. I can’t thank you enough for the whole process! The kids enjoyed it so much that they are planning to show the dance routine at some future school event, they were even thinking of entering a talent show!'. Check out this blog post about the party.

- Franko Ágnes, Gipszkorszak Playouse

'Fabulous costumes: they compliment the theme, dance and most importantly each child that wears them! It’s fantastic that in one hour it’s possible to create a full length dance - I wanted to watch it again and again!!'

- Dubis Zsani