Spoken English

Improve  fluency, communication and confidence in a positive, fun and nurturing  environment. 

In our classes the children will  learn to SPEAK . 

Your special child will learn fast because our classes are fun, interactive and full of positive energy.


Our teachers are not only  naitive, qualified and

experienced but they also work in the performing

arts world in teachers who work in London and


On-line Lessons!

Course Introduction

Fun topics and activities that will interest the kids and coincide with what they are learning at school. 

Your child will reach their full potential as they learn not to be afraid of making mistakes, and that they can be really good if they try.  You and your teen will be so proud by the end of the course!

Course details


Timelots available depending on interest and sign-up.

Course details


Prices depend on the number of students in the group:  

1 student 13 500 HUF
2 students 6 750 HUF
3 students 4 500 HUF
4 or more students 3 500 HUF

Lessons are billed monthly before the first class of the month