If you can’t find the answer you are looking for please reach out to us, we are always here to help at DCA.

Can we try before commitment?

Yes, definitely! You can pay a one class fee which will be taken off the full term fees if you join.

Do I have to attend regularly?

We are a hobby school and appreciate that there are times you can not come to class. Most of our children miss from time to time and we organise the classes in such a way that the children will not be affected. There is no pressure to attend every class. However there will be more development and performing opportunities for children who attend each week. Like with anything the more you practice the better you become! There is the opportunity to book one off private lessons to learn what they missed and to keep up their development . Children are not to miss class on the run up to shows. 

Are there refunds for missed classes?

There are no refunds for missed classes . If there is another class on the timetable that is suitable then you could attend that class as a make-up. The class must be taken within 4 weeks of the class missed.

How do the exams work?

Every Year an IDTA examiner flys in from the UK to examine our students. All children enter for Rosettes and Stardance Awards. These are totally hobby level and are a great reward and motivator for all the hard work the children have invested in their classes. Children who take their dancing more seriously have the opportunity to take accredited exams. Many of our students have gone into the profession this way.

Download our guide to exams here:


Can all my children have the same class time?

Yes ! Our Saturday dance classes are set up so that children from the ages of 3 – 12 years old can all have class at the same time . They will be in separate classes according to their age.

Why can't my children wear whatever they want to class?

Like any other activity such as judo, horse riding and swimming the correct clothes enable you to dance safely. For our combo classes we have lots of uniforms to choose from so that children can express their individuality. Ballet requires discipline and formality hence children wearing the same uniform. Exam boards require a set uniform. We supply uniforms to take the stress away from parents trying to find the right items.

My child is a complete beginner. Can he/she still join?

Absolutely! Our classes are general level. We have over 20 years of experience and we know how to install confidence and keep your child challenged no matter what level they are. As long as your child has a passion to dance she/he is in the right place!

My child really takes his/her dancing seriously and maybe would like to go into the profession. Can you help?

Yes! We are a teaching school and have put students through teaching qualifications (diploma 3 and 4). We can also prepare children who wish to go to a professional dance collage and become dancers. Children will attend their normal dance classes and in addition will have private classes. From the age of 12 years a personalised programme of study is put together focusing on the students goals.  


Being part of  DCA this year has been one of the nicest parts of my daughter's year. The classes strike the perfect balance of being fast-paced enough to keep the children's attention, but slow enough that they learn a lot of dances in just a matter of weeks. As a result, I have seen my daughter bloom into a little girl with increased confidence and physical coordination. DCA gives her a way to take part in the allure of pop music and dance trends in a completely age-appropriate way. I wish there were classes for adults!   

Allaine Cerwonka (Mother of 8 year old who attends combo class)


What started out as a two hour Saturday morning dance program for our daughter has turned into a 7 hours performing art spectacle for both of our kids on a weekly basis. Every Saturday and Sunday our kids can't wait for their dance and drama classes to begin. 


Our kids made friends there and so did we.  DCA is so much more than just an English language dance school. Their dance and theater showcases are planned and executed with so much attention to detail, followed by a cinema party where the kids can watch themselves perform. 


Chris Lahl (father of two children age 7 and 9 who attend all weekend classes)


Sunny Ruoqi joined DCA in the late autumn of 2019.  Her learning journey with DCA is very pleasant, inspiring, and rewarding. Among all other dancing courses like theatre dance and street dance, Sunny focuses on ballet, the more classical, comprehensive and demanding type. 

AT the very beginning, she danced once a week. And later as she registered for the IDTA examination, she started to have lessons twice a week, one for learning and practice on the basis of a progressive syllabus, and the other is a special module for examination. Under systematic and insistent training with Ms. Susie and Ms. Sandra, She achieved “Distinction” in the Preparatory level exam, her first exam of IDTA at the age of 7 in the early of 2020. After that, she continued learning almost nonstop till now. 

In the spring of 2020 when Hungary was facing the first wave of pandemic Covid-19, DCA offered online lessons and Sunny attended the majority of the ballet lessons, keeping the frequency of once or twice per week.  The lessons offered by DCA are with good methodology to meet professional requirements of development on the one hand, and on the other, it is appealing in Ms Susie’s artistic delivering. The tempo of each lesson is not harsh and intense but effective and efficient. Sunny enjoys the free dancing part best. She also enjoys greatly all the music that Ms. Susie uses in the class.

Cathy Bo Wu (Mother of 9 year old child who attends ballet classes)


We first joined DCA  when our daughter was 4.  She has just turned 12 and every week she continues to enjoy dance and drama with DCA.  Sandra, Susie and all the teachers provide an amazingly supportive, safe and fun environment for kids to learn and develop their skills, staying active and building confidence.  Fantastic costumes and the year end shows are  always a highlight for the kids.  From extra parties, acrogym and summer camps I think we have tried almost everything.  

Sandra is always seeking feedback and ideas for staying relevant which has been particularly important over the last 12 months with classes going online.

We have made some amazing friendships and will always have fond memories of our daughter growing up with DCA.

Maria Williams (Mother of 12 year old who attends performing arts full day)